Welcome to Le clos des bruyères

THE CLOS DES BRUYERES, initially a sole breeding farm of
Appaloosa breed horses, was created in 1988 by Silvia and Patrick Dumont in a
small village in Burgundy.

Passionate about American horses, because of their outstanding mind
and western riding, we are interested in
various official competitions, taking part each year in
many competitions in France and Europe.

The dressage in hand until breaking-in of
young horses was then our specialty and we were
awarded numerous championships titles, medals and awards
with our foals. We also had a particular fondness
for the REINING discipline, which led us to change later on all our reproducers in order to go along this line, in matter of

We bought our first Reining fillies in 1995 in
Germany. Then our Appaloosa stallion BOGIEPLATED JAC, who became multiple
Champion and  International Reserve Champion in Reining has confirmed us
in our selection choices.

Since then, all of our Appaloosa and Quarter Horses breeders have been
carefully selected, with REINING’s origins, then each year
we are taking some exceptional extra projections in the USA, to
bring in some new blood.

A second Quarter Horse stallion, GUNNS N ROZES, direct son of COLONELS SMOKING GUN aka GUNNER, joined the stud in 2018.

You will find all our foals available for sale, whether it is
for competition or leisure, in our sales catalogue on this website.

CLOS DES BRUYERES has also been a LEONBERG DOG kennel since its creation.

The LEONBERG is our second passion. We produce
well-boned, socialized, gentle and well-balanced puppies, with a soft and pleasant character from German bloodlines, home country of the Leonberg breed

In 2018 we have added to the DOGS family, 2 Tervueren Belgian Shepherd Dogs, for our greatest pleasure.

We left Burgundy to settle down further South West,
in the magnificient Dordogne departement. Here we enjoy
an exceptional environment, in the middle of the Parc du Périgord.

Do not hesitate to come and visit us!