We think that you are knowing that the Appaloosa horse was originally a horse that was primarily bred and selected by the NEZ PERCES Native American tribe and their great Chief Joseph. Then these unfortunate horses were almost entirely wiped out, until the day when, a lover of this breed, Mr. Thompson ended up crossing the United States up and down, in order to find live Appaloosa horses and thus start breeding this breed again. With that the APPALOOSA HORSE CLUB USA was created.

At our Clos des Bruyeres we have been breeding Appaloosa for over 30 years. We prefer lines mixed with Quarter Horse blood, another American breed. This gives a certain elegance and aptitude for competition! But any competition horse will also be an excellent horse for leisure.

Appaloosa brood mares

Our brood mares have very good origins and a ZEN attitude. They pass their character and their confidence in humans to their foals. Covering, foaling or weaning foals with us is never a problem. Our foals are mentally balanced, with good conformation, good bone structure and attractive colors.

NICS PEPPY PRINCESS (Nice Peppy Train & R Princess Hayes)

Our Appaloosa breeders

All our Appaloosa Horses have been selected for their origins, mentality and skills. We favor lines of REINING-CUTTING-WOKING COW.

Our stallion BOGIEPLATED JAC, with his golden character, has won numerous titles and medals in various European championships, including:

  • Champion of France ApHC JUNIOR REINING 2004 and 2005
  • Vise French Trail Champion 2004 and 2005
  • All Around Champion ApHC Equitalyon 2005
  • Bronze Medal ApHC Equitalyon 2004
  • Champion of EUROPE JUNIOR REINING 2005
  • Reserve Futurity Champion NRHAF 2004
  • Reserve European Champion ApHC Halter 2005
  • Bronze medal Futuritys Reining Championship Germany
  • European ApHC MATURITY REINING Champion 2008
  • Champion of the Senior Reining Center 2010
  • Champion Senior Reining ApHC 2008

Then many other first and second places in Reining, Halter and Trail competitions in APHC, NRHA, NRHAF in Poitiers, Marmignac, Ozoir, Lamotte Beuvron, Lyon, Aachen, Vitry aux Loges, Weikersdorf, Vaterstaetten and I certainly forget some.

Thus, he was able to obtain his two registers of Merit (ROM) in REINING and HALTER very quickly by the APHC and to be ranked in 2005 No. 1 of the TOP TEN international in the Junior Reining category. Her semen exists in frozen semen, approved for EUROPE and it is hyper fertile, 99% of pregnant mares in 16 years in reproduction. We guarantee the service to the live foal.

BOGIEPLATED JAC (Tap And Bogie & Beau Plated Jac)

Appaloosa foals

His foals are kind and talented. Many have won for many years ApHC classes with medals, titles and wins, to ApHCF Futuritys as ApHC points in other classes, in various championships in France and Europe and have been able to be classified in TOP 10 by the APHC USA and sometimes No 1 of the TOP TEN.

Some pictures of our appaloosa products

Our horses for sale

Visit our HORSES FOR SALE page to find the foal of your dreams or come visit us here in the Dordogne. It is with great pleasure that we will share a little of our Western and American Horses passion.

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