Quarter Horse

The Quarter Horse hails from the USA and was originally selected for its speed in quarter mile races, hence its name. Its origins date back to the 17th century, from crosses between imported Thoroughbred horses and horses already present, coming in with the Spanish. After the conquest of the west, the Quarter Horse was used for transport and especially for herding cattle, cattle driving, which made it famous. He is a small to medium sized horse with a very developed Back. He is a Powerful, lively and energetic horse but capable of lowering pressure very quickly. He has an exceptional mind. It is linked to the world of western riding.

Our Quarter Horses have been selected for their mentality, origin and morphology. We favor Reining lines, a dressage course that is carried out at a gallop and where the rider must direct his horse precisely and without resistance, by performing small and large circles, changes of feet, Rollbacks and Sliding Stops.

Of course, each Reining horse can also be used in other disciplines and of course for leisure. We have a few mixed Reining-Cutting lines which generally results in excellent ranching and hobby horses.

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