Le Tervueren, character and qualities

As its name suggests, the Belgian Shepherd TERVUEREN Red brown golden or gray with long hair, comes from the village TERVUEREN in Belgium. He is one of the four variants of Belgian Shepherd with the GROENENDAEL, the MALINOIS and the LAEKENOIS.
Like the others he was originally created for herding herds. He shines in this area, which makes him an excellent guard dog and also a search dog used in the police or disaster relief. Then he is also used as a truffle dog and / or simply as a family dog.
He is a wonderful companion, elegant, powerful, dynamic and active, with a confident character but also very sensitive and above all completely devoted to his owner whom he never leaves. He is very affectionate.
The TERVUEREN needs to exercise, likes going for walks and cannot stand being locked up for very long, nor being tied up. His education must be conducted with firmness but also very gently because of his hypersensitivity. He can be taken anywhere. It is quickly clean and not destructive.

The Tervueren of Clos des Bruyères

At Clos des Bruyères we have two Belgian Shepherd dogs TERVUEREN, a Red brown golden and a Greay. Our ladys are gentle with a very pleasant character and they live with us and our LEONBERGs without any problem between the two races. The TERVUEREN adapts easily to each situation.

Our Lady OK Baby des Gardiens de la Baronnie

Fauve Charbonnée
Radio Hanches A/A Coude 0

Best Young and Best Female Perigueux 2019

In the situation of Covid 19, no other exposition possible

By Sr CH GRACIE MILLE of Wolf’s River ALIAS GHOST (Farinelli du Bois du Tôt x Eden Legend des Famonadyns) and ICE-T du Clan de Samara (Sr COLBERT de la croix aux chevaux x SS Feedora-Bell)

Our Lady Pandora du Clos de la Vistrenque

Grise Charbonnée
Best Baby et second  place on Honnor Ring  Babys  of the groupe 1

In the situation of Covid 19, no other exposition possible

Confirmation 2021

By CORSINI VIVALDI (Gitan des Gardiens de Cocagne x Corsini Escada) and MONA LISA DU RIBAUDEAU (Fix du Ribaudeau x Hola Bonita du Bois du Tôt)

Maybe soon a litter of Belgian Shepherd Tervueren …

OK BABY des Gardiens de la Baronnie Was inseminate with JUST A BELIEBER des Canis du Brabant (Sr CH FCS Fix du Ribaudeau x Sr CH FCS DIGIT des Canis du Brabant).
We are waiting of ultrasound check for the result.

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